Christmas break getaway

It is quite expensive taking a family of six out to eat anywhere. However, for a Christmas gift, our extended family gave us some money to go to a nice place to eat. (Actually, I think they gave it to their grandchildren and I get to benefit from it.)

We were able to use the funds we received to make a day trip to Tampere. Train tickets were ridiculously cheap at 109€ total. (Yes, tickets for 6 people. Yes, it includes a return trip.)

While there, our children altered our eating plans. We were going to eat at a chicken wing place similar to Buffalo Wild Wings (without the massive TVs), but our children wanted pizza. Usually we do not let our children dictate where we eat, but this circumstance was different. We selected a place similar to the US chain Pizza Ranch, however, the Finns do pizza differently.

The pizza does not taste as bad as one might think, and they offer some interesting combinations. For instance, I particularly enjoyed the pizza with marshmallow, peanuts, and chocolate drizzle. Normal American favorites are also included in this buffet’s repertoire, such as Hawaiian, Pepperoni, cheese, BBQ Chicken, and smoked salmon. Well, that last one is found primarily in Finland.

Also, I think the Finnish mindset is influencing me. We walked by the stores with “50% Off” signs on the mannequins. I interpreted that the store sold clothes with 50% of the material missing. Also, stores advertised, “Take 3, Buy 2,” and I could not help but thinking that someone else could buy and have the 2, I will just have the free one.

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