Moving to Desktop GNU/Linux from Windows/Mac

There are many curious individuals who tinker with GNU/Linux as a Server OS and want to experience what it is like as a Desktop OS. The switch is often hindered by two obstacles: Some daily use programs are not available. (i.e. Photoshop, iTunes, etc.) The unknown of what to do if something goes wrong or […]

How to get users to switch from X to X and use it

There are many free, open source programs available which are equal (if not better) than paid counterparts, but the biggest hurdle to overcome is getting people to switch. It is imperative that you remember what caused you to switch and realize the two reasons for change:   “You change for two reasons: Either you learn […]

Switching from Active Directory to Samba4

Active Directory is solid, secure, and stable platform for user, group, and computer management. I would go as far and say that it is probably the backbone of 99.9% of all organizations world wide. So why would anyone want to switch away from Active Directory? The answer to that question is varied, but the most […]