TIL: Zoom has captions

The Zoom application has built in AI captions for various languages. It is great for those hard of hearing to read the words that are spoken. In other news, you can select the spoken language to be in Finnish, speak in English, and get wonderfully funny sentences in Finnish.

Who is the author in AI-generated content?

As AI tools are becoming more frequent, many have found interesting use cases. Some are using AI tools to publish children’s books or other creative works primarily done by humans. However, when one publishes a work that was generated by AI, who is the author of the work? Should a notice be included or a […]

Personal Tech Debt

This past week I have been able to traverse down the rabbit hole of personal tech debt. After a week’s work, I think I was able to get to the bottom and give everything an updated timestamp! All kidding aside, here were some of the projects I was able to revisit: Kubernetes Cluster My k8s […]

What will cause you to change?

“I am right. Therefore, you must change.” This is a common sentiment among anyone who holds an opinion. Major convincing arguments are then given as to reasons why others must change to your point of view. It is proud to assume that you have all of the right answers to everything. To make such a […]

Extension to make Twitter more usable

After setting up an RSS reader and a bridge to pull in tweets, I no longer access Twitter. If there is interesting content, I click the link on my RSS reader and comment directly without visiting the Twitter homepage. If I were a more regular user of Twitter, I think I would use this extension: […]

Depression and Anxiety

This morning I read from one of the people I follow a short, concise list of comparing Depression and Anxiety. It is quite good to read over, but I think it is quite lacking in its explanation. Primarily limited from the 280 character posts on Twitter. I feel like I have authority to speak on […]


It is very ironic – to me at least – that when I visit drive.google.com on a Chromebook, I am presented with a notification to install Google drive. This is a Chromebook. Google apps are loaded by default. This includes Google drive. I just prefer the web experience over the native file explorer.

2023 – Return to the Syndicated Stone age (RSSa)

The new year has already been dubbed by some in the tech world as the year of RSS, meaning people will ditch social media for the consumption-style RSS feed. It is the same concept of switching from a smartphone to a mobile phone. You might be thinking, “Why would anyone go backwards in technology?” Everyone […]

I think I will keep LastPass

LastPass was recently hacked and the hacker was able to steal keys from a developer which had access to the company’s backup files. In the backup files, the hacker could use the decryption keys he stole from the developer to create something like: somesite.com,<plaintext_username>,<hashed_password> I can assume my data has been leaked. I am a […]

Incarnation Haiku

God became a man.He experienced life.A life without sin. He, unworthily,Received punishment for sin.God the Son had died. Three days have now passed.And Jesus did not stay deadHe came back to life. It was His power.Without the help of others.Life came back to Him. By resurrection,Jesus says, โ€œPlace trust in me.โ€โ€œI make all things new.โ€ […]

Impossible to define

It is impossible to define a complex thought with one sentence. Even the previous sentence demands further information. What kind of thoughts do I mean? What is the reasoning for saying such a thing? Context adds further information to the reasoning behind such a statement. It also sets the stage for the real reason for […]

Asking ChatGPT to define love

A review of ChatGPT by asking it a question about the love expressed in John 3:16.

Back to the blogs

The painfully slow death of social media is pushing the masses back into our blog-o-spheres. In 2 years, the only people doing social media will be those who are not technical enough to click a one-button wordpress/ghost install and pay $5/month from a hosting provider.Of course, there will be the faithful few who still insist […]

Use the same Dockerfile – please

As Containers have progressed, Docker has stood out as the defacto standard. As many of the laggards are coming up to speed, Dockerfiles can be seen in many open source repositories. With the addition to that, I have seen a few repos with a Dockerfile-prod, Dockerfile-dev, Dockerfile-test, etc. Additionally, you find an IF clause in […]

Docker-izing WordPress for Kubernetes

WordPress is amazingly popular considering how antiquated the file structure and code appears to be. Even still, it is the easiest CMS that I have used and the community has created plugins to make the copy-folder-for-a-new-theme/plugin at least tolerable. A challenge comes when one wants to use the 1990’s method of serving web applications in […]