What will cause you to change?

“I am right. Therefore, you must change.” This is a common sentiment among anyone who holds an opinion. Major convincing arguments are then given as to reasons why others must change to your point of view.

It is proud to assume that you have all of the right answers to everything. To make such a claim is to decree that you are like God: all-knowing and perfect in every way. However, any human cannot make such a claim. Humans are notorious for failure.

Did Edison invent the lightbulb on the first try?
Did all the Apollo missions succeed without incident?
How many attempts did it take Spacex engineers to land a rocket? Was it 1?
How many answers did you get wrong on all of the tests you took in school? Was it 0?

As a human, I understand my faults. Compared to a Holy God, I can never be perfect. Thankfully, this God offers forgiveness of sin through placing one’s trust in His substitutionary death on the cross. Oh, what freedom I experienced when I trusted Christ!

Now, as I have been a Christian for over two decades, it disturbs me at the audacity of some who claim the inability to change their opinions. Our sacred text shows a few examples of the opposite. Job had an idea of God, but when he saw Him, Job’s lifestyle changed (Job 42:5-6). Paul admonished the reduction of one’s liberty to maintain the edification of one another (Romans 14:19-21). Even the early church demonstrated the necessity of change to minister to the needs of those who were experiencing poverty from becoming a Christian (Acts 4:32-35).

Christianity is not a list of stubborn rules which are unmovable. Instead, it is a journey leading one “to be conformed to the image of his Son” (Romans 8:29), and it is built upon continual scrutiny of one’s decisions (Romans 12:2). Change (or demonstration of critical thinking as to why one is not changing) is an indicator of one’s belief in God. “We have always done it this way” is not acceptable thinking in Christianity. Change must be performed when necessitated.

What will cause you to change from your position? What evidence is required for you to stay with your current thinking? Defining these should be a requirement for any individual desiring to hold a position of ministry.