How do you repent from sin?

How do you repent from sin? How does one get all of their sins forgiven? These questions often fill the minds of those who have sin. Perform a search query on a popular web indexing service and you will find many interpretations of these questions. I was surprised at the results from the Church of […]

Speaker Windows

I have been working on a personal project to organize my preaching illustrations. Whereas one could use a tool such as Notion, Evernote, or Obsidian, I have had a desire to keep my data in an easy to use interface. I should not have to spend 10 minutes to find that illustration I need. Plus, […]

Link sharing in the blog era

I just remembered how painful it was to share content through a blog to friends. Social media, such as Twitter, solved that issue. I do not want to attempt trying to remember my password (Does the site even exist anymore?) Anyway, I said all of that to say this: I know where both of […]

Kubernetes: Heapster to Metrics Server

I recently updated my kubernetes cluster from 1.10.2 to 1.11.0. I noticed heapster was being deprecated and completely removed by version 1.13.0. I thought this would be the perfect time to try out metrics-server. I had to download the git repo to apply the kubernetes yaml to my cluster. Since this is sometimes not as […]

Not posting as much

I have not been posting as much tech stuff on my blog as I want to. The reason for this is I have been mulling about the idea of submitting my tutorials to a publication and get paid for my work. I still have not decided if this is the right course of action. Not […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Wippler family! We pray that you are enjoying this season of celebration as we reflect upon our Saviour’s birth. Truly, for the Christian, Christ is the focal point of the season. October was unusually mild and warm for Minnesota. Then on Friday, October 27, a snowstorm swept through our area dumping […]

Settling in

It has been a month and a half since we moved, and we finally are on a set schedule. The girls have started school, all boxes are unpacked, our house in California closed escrow, and we have successfully adjusted to the CST time zone. It always amazes me how much God has blessed my family. […]

Moving Adventures Part 2

(Note: This guest post is from my wife, Nicole. These are the events that happened July 25th, 2017.) After 6 hours of rest, we awakened rested (somewhat) and ready to resume our journey. Morning was fairly uneventful, and we were back on the road by 9. As we were fueling up, we realized that Clark’s […]

Moving Adventures Part 1

(Note: This guest post is from my wife, Nicole. These are the events that happened July 24th, 2017.) Well, after 4 hours of sleep, we woke and were on the road by 5. Forgot one little detail… taking girls to the restroom before we left. When we reached Adelanto, Mollie said she had to go […]

Leaving California

Today marks the first day in over 29 years where I am no longer a resident of the great state of California. No longer will be relevant to me or my family! With all changes to life there are some good things and bad things with every major life decision. From the move, I […]

Jumping the ship on Evernote

I am a long time user of Evernote. Currently it has the best browser extensions, a wide range of supported operating systems, and it has a free tier; however, I am getting frustrated with it. In the past year, they have changed plans twice – now the free tier is only supported on 2 platforms. […]

I do not use the kuerig – here is why…

The kuerig device is a visually pleasing design. It appears to belong in the modern kitchen. A few months ago, I was given a kuerig first generation with a reusable filter and used it as my primary coffee consumption device. It gave me a sense of faster coffee delivery in the morning – I was […]

Few posts in the works

I have not posted in a few weeks. This was mainly due to getting a rest from posting every week of 2016! I have a few posts coming in the next few weeks. The first one will be about debugging PHP applications. The second one will be deploying a high availability MySQL cluster – what […]

2016 behind, 2017 forward

With a year drawing to a close, I have a habit of looking back at my goals I set for myself, see how I have done, and set goals for the new year. My new year’s resolution for 2017 will be 1920×1080 (same as last year). I wish I could upgrade it to 5k, but […]

Day after Thanksgiving ritual

My wife and I adopted a tradition on the day after Thanksgiving – after a full night’s sleep – we visit stores and go shopping around 10am. Yes, the lines are still crazy, but the people who woke up at 5am to wait in line are already gone. With grandparents watching our children, it is […]