Moving Adventures Part 2

(Note: This guest post is from my wife, Nicole. These are the events that happened July 25th, 2017.)

After 6 hours of rest, we awakened rested (somewhat) and ready to resume our journey. Morning was fairly uneventful, and we were back on the road by 9. As we were fueling up, we realized that Clark’s cup (which he went to bed with) was accidentally left somewhere amid the sheets despite going through the room 2-3 times. No worries! Remembered that were had brought 2 extra sippy cups ?

As we merged on the I-76 we spotted what we believe to be our moving van. Too funny! The day before we’d seen the same truck as we left Barstow. At least we know our belongings should arrive by Friday, lol! An hour into our drive, all the kids except Mollie fell asleep.

Thankfully, the next leg of our journey was fairly uneventful, and we were able to stop for lunch in Kearney by 2:45. Other then an icky diaper and ordering the wrong sandwich for Andrew, lunch was quite pleasant. In fact, Jake ate more than Clark or Meg! Thanks to everyone’s prayers, the children were very well behaved as we made our way to the next stop–Des Moine.

For the next 3.5 hours: played with toys, watched cartoons, and slept (praise the Lord!!). Seems whenever we’re close to our destination one of the younger three decides they’ve had it and begins to fuss. Thankfully, Clark perks up with food or cars, and Jake loves snacks and playing with random items (wipes bucket, water bottle, thermos,ย  favorite afghan etc.). As a reward, hoping to get a little pool time at the hotel. So thankful we’re only driving 5 hours tomorrow and going to get a good 2 hour break at the Mall of America!