Three goals in Bible Reading

Recently, I evaluated why I take time out of my day to read the Bible. I have heard that the Bible has one singular meaning. If that is true, then reading the Bible through once is sufficient. However, those that promote singular meaning also advocate for daily Bible reading. This seems like a logical fallacy, […]

Depression and Anxiety

This morning I read from one of the people I follow a short, concise list of comparing Depression and Anxiety. It is quite good to read over, but I think it is quite lacking in its explanation. Primarily limited from the 280 character posts on Twitter. I feel like I have authority to speak on […]

Incarnation Haiku

God became a man.He experienced life.A life without sin. He, unworthily,Received punishment for sin.God the Son had died. Three days have now passed.And Jesus did not stay deadHe came back to life. It was His power.Without the help of others.Life came back to Him. By resurrection,Jesus says, “Place trust in me.”“I make all things new.” […]

Impossible to define

It is impossible to define a complex thought with one sentence. Even the previous sentence demands further information. What kind of thoughts do I mean? What is the reasoning for saying such a thing? Context adds further information to the reasoning behind such a statement. It also sets the stage for the real reason for […]