Three goals in Bible Reading

Recently, I evaluated why I take time out of my day to read the Bible. I have heard that the Bible has one singular meaning. If that is true, then reading the Bible through once is sufficient. However, those that promote singular meaning also advocate for daily Bible reading. This seems like a logical fallacy, which should be addressed; nevertheless, I attempt to achieve at least one of these three goals every time I open my Bible to read it.

  1. Personal Growth
    I need to learn God’s view of man’s relations. I need to adapt my lifestyle to fit.
  2. Time with God
    Sometimes the only result I get is adding minutes to our relationship. When I was dating my wife, it did not matter if all we did was sit and watch an old movie. We were adding minutes of being together. The same is true for any relationship – time spent together matters.
  3. Finding a truth to teach others
    Pet peeves are often taught as truth; however, one must follow the logical, linguistic chain to find the truth that Scripture teaches. One must pull out the application rather than inject the thought into the text. One must be fully equipped in the truth to be able to teach others the same truth.