ReMarkable 2 Review

At first glance, the reMarkable seemed expensive for a one show pony. Replacing a pad of paper for notes was its only selling point and truly main focus. Could it really fit my use case and deliver an experience I needed? As one who regularly types notes and prints them for use in public speaking, […]

My tablet history and Kindle Fire (7th Gen) review

My first tablet was an Acer A500 which ran Honeycomb (Android 3.0). I used that laptop for everything – reading, pictures, studying, and using it to project games in the children’s class I taught at the time. It was used more than my laptop, phone, and desktop combined. It served its purpose until my wife […]

My IoT device history

The internet of things (IoT) is getting pretty saturated with devices most of which are either smart watches or activity trackers. Smart watches do not appeal to me as I have a very nasty habit of destroying the clock face of my watches. Last November, I was able to get a Vivosmart from Garmin for […]

The future without Microsoft Office productsย 

I recently submitted a proposal to remove Microsoft Office from off my network and switch to Google Apps for Work and LibreOffice. This would incur a cost savings of ~$17.50 per user per month (GAFW $5 plan versus Office 2016 Professional Plus, Corporate, Open License, License Only). Some may argue that there are better license […]

Blame as a service (BlaaS)

Today I am pleased to announce a new offering – Blame as a Service (BlaaS). With the ever increase of SaaS offerings and cloud providers with high resiliency and low downtime, there will be the inevitable glitch or hiccup whenever a CEO views your team’s area of responsibility. With the recent passing of Murphy’s Law […]

7 essential Android IT tools

I have been using an Android phone for the past several years (since version 2.3.2). It has turned out to be the swiss army knife in my IT toolkit. Here are 7 apps that I cannot live without and help me perform my daily job duties. ActiveDir Manager ActiveDir Manager is a $4.99 app that […]

My Review of Digium

In a previous post, I mentioned that we switched to Digium Switchvox. Here are some features I really enjoy.