Blame as a service (BlaaS)

Today I am pleased to announce a new offering – Blame as a Service (BlaaS).

With the ever increase of SaaS offerings and cloud providers with high resiliency and low downtime, there will be the inevitable glitch or hiccup whenever a CEO views your team’s area of responsibility. With the recent passing of Murphy’s Law in IEEE this has become more frequent in day-to-day operations.

BlaaS helps you by receiving the blame for your incompetence by providing you with simple, easy-to-use templates that you can share with your CEO. These templates shift the blame from your SaaS choosing and put it on your BlaaS application making you the hero and us the bad guy.

BlaaS has already saved several Developers from embarrassment and System Administrators from potential job loss and it can help you too!

BlaaS saved my job after the datacenter burned down. I just pulled out one of BlaaS’ pre-made templates, edited a few words and sent it off to my boss!

Simon Sysmin

With BlaaS’ CI plugin, I was able to automate failures with reasons why it didn’t work. This saved me a ton of time with email correspondence.

Joe Jenkins

Thanks to BlaaS, I can keep on claiming to be the brains behind the fastest latency-free network around.

Ned Nederlander


BlaaS pricing is very simple and to understand!

Pricing (Monthly) Basic Professional Enterprise Super Admin
Price per device $0.05 $0.07 $0.10 Call *
Max devices 1000 2000 5000 Unlimited
Unique templates 1 5 10 Unlimited
Lawsuits 0 0 1 Unlimited
Network Cabling Coverage 5ft 20ft 50ft Unlimited
Plugins 1 5 10 Unlimited
Slack Integration No No Yes Yes

* Call so we may throw a party based upon how much we will charge and receive from you monthly.

April fools!