Speaker Windows

I have been working on a personal project to organize my preaching illustrations. Whereas one could use a tool such as Notion, Evernote, or Obsidian, I have had a desire to keep my data in an easy to use interface. I should not have to spend 10 minutes to find that illustration I need. Plus, those services might charge me more than $3/month to access advanced features I may become dependent upon.

Over the years, I have collected over a thousand notes and jots from various sources, which I have been storing in Speaker Illustrations. However, the time has come to add features (such as attaching images or videos) and I am not very proficient in Rails to make such a change. I have re-written Speaker Illustrations in JavaScript using React and Nextjs, with an API provided by AdonisJS. I have called it Speaker Windows because an illustration is just a window for people to look through to understand your meaning.

Anyone can host their own copy of Speaker Windows, but I know how most who would benefit from this service are inept to install software on a server. Therefore, I have designed the application with multi-user auth. Anyone can register for an account on my publicly hosted instance.

The new features have yet to be added, but the project is now at the same functionality as my old implementation. Currently, I am satisfied with the rewrite and am happy with using NextJS and AdonisJS in future personal projects, such as a shopping list app to replace our use of Google Keep. (There are rumors Google Keep is being axed.)