Why I can’t vote for Hillary Clinton

We live in the year 2016 – anyone who does not know how to use basic computer functionality (such as email, using a word processor, decyphering between a spreadsheet and database, etc.) should not be allowed to hold public office. Why? Here is my main reason:

One who does not understand technology will not make the right decision when it comes to a technology issue. Encryption is becoming a major topic with many in office wanting to do away with it or requiring back doors. Will she make the right decision here? After all, not everyone uses encryption for illegal purposes – most use it for company integrity and data leakage protection.

What if some new technology appears which makes self driving cars much more reliable – would she allow it in all 50 states at once or do the dumb move and make every state approve of them?

It has been my experience with people that those who do not understand how technology works in its lowest level (even from a high view) often make the wrong choices in critical matters. Because of that, I see any candidate running for President without basic general computer skills (like checking two different email accounts on the same device) unelectable.