Signs you are doing IT wrong

  1. You still use FTP
  2. You use SFTP
  3. You have a single server hosting 1 website, MySQL, and PHP. It has 4+ GB of RAM and you only have ~2,000 visitors a day.
  4. You login via root
  5. You don’t use version control
  6. You use a control panel for servers which you have SSH access.
  7. It takes you over an hour to migrate 1 website
  8. Your DNS TTL records are over 10 minutes
  9. Your SQL server is not accessible over SSL/TLS
  10. You use mod_php instead of reverse proxying to php-fpm
  11. You develop for the web on Windows
  12. You chmod 777
  13. You use modules/plugins that require chmod 777
  14. You have no backups
  15. You host multiple websites on one server (internal-only websites excluded)
  16. You SSH with passwords
  17. You reuse passwords
  18. You don’t read books
  19. You don’t attend conferences
  20. You attend more than 6 conferences a year
  21. You use skype for communication
  22. You make a separate mobile site
  23. You add more RAM to fix your memory leaks