Read the Bible this year

Most Christians read the Bible every day. Bible reading schedules are either in paper form only or there is a charge in obtaining the digital copy of one. Such was the case for my wife. She liked the McCheyne reading schedule which takes you through the new testament twice and the old once. A digital copy of the schedule was not within easy reach (we searched Amazon books) and our Church switched to distributing a different reading schedule at the beginning of the new year. This is how my Bible-in-a-year github repository was expanded.

I already made a Bible reading schedule for myself to start from Genesis and end in Revelation for the kindle. It was easy to use this information I learned to create another kindle book for my wife – after all, kindle books are just compiled HTML.

You may download the McCheyne version or Genesis-to-Revelation version for free! Then start this year on the right foot by uploading them to your kindle or mobi reader.