The Linux Academy (review)

I recently received a subscription to Linux Academy. Linux Academy has courses in Linux, AWS, DevOps, and OpenStack to help users achieve professional certificates such as the LFCS, LFCE, RHSCA, RHCE, and others. Since my LFCS is expiring this year (and I hope to achieve a RHCE), Linux Academy seemed like a place to help me achieve that goal.

The first thing I noticed is that the Introduction to Linux Academy videos were current. The content was exactly how I saw it, and I did not have to alter the steps in anyway to follow the videos. The videos even described how to switch from Flash to HTML5 so that you could use the playback speed controls. This appealed to me as I like listening to videos in 2.0x speed (especially if the instructor is a slow talker). Keeping videos current in a rapidly changing environment speaks volumes of how dedicated these instructors are at teaching me the latest material. So far they have proven to be on top of things.

One of the neat features I found is what they call a learning plan. This is a tool that you use to input your free time to learn material (in increments of half hours) and it calculates what videos to watch on particular days by setting due dates. You can then set reminders to be notified before your free time so that you can achieve course completion.

The instructors speak at a good pace so you can type along as you watch the videos – even at 2x speed.

The Linux Academy aims to be your single resource for learning and achieving certifications. There is no extra cost in purchasing additional resources to read or view. Everything is included in the subscription price. I would recommend the Linux Academy for anyone who wants to know GNU/Linux. At the time of this writing; however, there is one issue I have found. They encourage you to take the quiz at the end to test your knowledge, but doing so only moves the progress bar of completion by 1%. It should at least move to 100% and give a message of quizzed-out. 🙂