Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Wippler family! We pray that you are enjoying this season of celebration as we reflect upon our Saviour's birth. Truly, for the Christian, Christ is the focal point of the season. October was unusually mild and warm for Minnesota. Then on Friday, October 27, a snowstorm … Continue reading

kubernetes health check

The day before thanksgiving, I was pondering an issue I was having. I was pinning a package to a specific version in my Docker container and the repository I grabbed it from stopped offering this specific version. This resulted in a container that Jenkins responded as being built correctly, but … Continue reading

Adding a user to k8s RBAC

In order to add a user to a kubernetes cluster, we will need several things: kubectl, CA.crt and CA.key (found in your head node's /etc/kubernetes/pki folder), and openssl. First, create a private key for the new user. In this example, we will name the file employee.key: openssl genrsa -out … Continue reading

Reusable containers with confd

I recently had the need to populate a file in a docker container based upon whether or not the container is in production or development. I eventually came across confd which let me populate data in files based upon particular environment variables. While confd excels with distributed key value … Continue reading

Old glory

I was going through my articles I have collected over the years and found this little gem. The author is unknown. I AM THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I am the flag of the United States of America. My name is Old Glory. I fly atop the world's tallest buildings. I stand watch in … Continue reading